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I absolutely love my job as a therapist. The human spirit is truly amazing and I get to witness it every day in my work. I've been a magazine writer, communications manager, public relations specialist and a university instructor. Being a therapist is my favorite!

I returned to school to become a therapist when my children were 10 and 12 years old.  During my first course of graduate school, my mother died. One of the life lessons she taught me was how to make meaning from suffering. This principle guides me in my therapy practice and I'd like to believe that my work honors her memory. 

When I began my career in journalism, I worked hard to "get the story." Although your story is important (of course it is, it's your life), in trauma-informed therapy, we pay more attention to what is happening in your body, emotions and thoughts IN THE PRESENT MOMENT. The goal is to bring your nervous system out of the past and give you a sense of peace in the here-and-now. 

When I became a therapist over 10 years ago, I intuitively knew that having someone re-tell their negative life events wasn't helpful in improving their current daily life experiences or their relationships. If it was bad enough the first time around, why would anyone want to re-live it? That's why I pursued training in sensorimotor psychotherapy, which is a body-based approach to healing trauma without being re-traumatizing during the therapy process. 

That's enough "About Me," what I really want to do is get to know you...

Wendy Westergard

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